Customized diaries

Agenda Personnalisé d'entrepriseIn 2008, Quo Vadis broke new ground in its policy in favour of the environment with ISO 14001 certification, which guarantees the efficiency of its environmental management system.

ISO 14001, coupled with the Imprim’Vert stamp of approval, are your guarantee that Quo Vadis diaries, designed and manufactured in Loire-Atlantique, in France, are printed with full consideration for environmental protection.

Choose a product boasting both excellence and quality. Through its ISO 9001 certification, Quo Vadis demonstrates its commitment to continual improvement, to offer you a quality of service that is constantly upgraded


Our organisation is oriented towards quality of follow-up and management of your projects. In order to meet the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing that our delivery deadlines are met, each and every project is constantly monitored by a dedicated team comprising an Account Manager, a Customer Manager and a Technical Manager.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of diaries, the Quo Vadis brand brings that extra dimension to your diary. Don’t just offer a diary, offer a Quo Vadis!

Because of the cast-iron reputation of our brand, you’ll be offering a prestigious gift which will enhance the image of both your company and its recipient.

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Because your personalized diary is a true communication tool for your business, Quo Vadis offers to make your diary to measure – perfectly suited to your requirements. In this way, you can combine the material, colour and markings of your choice in a diary which creates a sense of identity, fitting in with your field of activity and graphic charter, and reflecting your values.

Work hand in hand with Quo Vadis to make your diary a communication tool in its own right, which clearly belongs to you and acts as a vehicle for an image that is at once qualitative, enhanced and aesthetic.



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