Diary and Time management

Time management, Quo Vadis-style was born out of one man’s idea and inventiveness. Dr Beltrami couldn’t have begun to imagine the significance his invention was going to have in our lives.
There was once a doctor from Marseille who was disappointed to be unable to find the perfect diary in the shops – one which would allow him to have a distinct overview of the week.

Dr Beltrami dreamed of a diary in which he could see his appointments, his to-do list, and his priorities for the week. In 1952, Dr Beltrami invented his own time management layout: the ’Agenda Planing ®’ giving him an instantaneous overall view of the week.

Laid out across two pages, designed with special areas for the day’s actions and notes, this diary allowed him a clear view, instantly. He had an A4-sized rubber stamp made, representing this time management. Every week he stamped a blank page, on which he noted down his appointments.


Time management by Quo Vadis

To begin with, he had his diaries printed by an independent printer, marketing them himself to the booksellers of Marseille. It was an overnight success. In 1954,Dr Beltrami gave up the practice of medicine to found Editions Quo Vadis, to design, manufacture and commercialize his invention – in France initially, and in other countries soon afterwards.

The enthusiasm shown for his invention among his friends and relations encouraged Dr Beltrami to move to the industrialization stage, with the creation in Marseille of Editions Quo Vadis in 1954. The diaries were initially sold door-to-door, before being retailed in the bookstores of Marseille and then nationally, and internationally.

Over the years, the collection grew, with a range of formats from pocket-size to desk-size.

Thanks to this major innovation, Quo Vadis institutionalized the week-to-view in France, replacing the day-to-view.

Ecriture papierQuo Vadis has gradually progressed from being a time management specialist (the ‘Agenda Planing®’) to being a general supplier of diaries, by developing a great many diaries to suit specific purposes.