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What does Quo Vadis mean ?

Quo Vadis is a Latin expression meaning: Where are you going?
The symbolism of the expression, combined with a product such as a diary is very powerful. The diary allows you to respond to this question both in space, with geographical location of appointments and events, and in time, and (philosophically speaking) in the future: where are you headed in life? Things to do, appointments, and the notes we all write in our diaries provide answers to these questions.

What does “agenda”mean ?

The term ‘agenda’ comes from the gerundive Latin verb ‘agere’ (meaning to do, to act). It literally means what has to be done, or (things) to do.
This word ’agenda’ is now used In French to designate a tool allowing the association of actions to moments, and thus to organise and plan one’s time. It can take a paper or electronic format, although the paper format is more commonly used.
In English, the word ‘agenda’ means a temporally organised plan, or a list of matters to be discussed or attended to.  The word ’diary’ is thus the true translation of the word ‘agenda’ as it is commonly used in French. However, the word ‘agenda’ is often used by the press in place of these two expressions. There is an ongoing debate about whether it is necessary to distinguish between the two meanings of the word, or not.

Why is there only one ‘n’ in ‘Agenda Planing’ and ‘Ano-Planing’?

‘Agenda Planing’ and ‘Ano-Planing’ are registered trademarks of Quo Vadis, making them proper nouns. These names refer to two major Quo Vadis inventions.
The ‘Agenda Planing’ corresponds to this time management tool of one week over two pages, with the days in columns and the to-do spaces on the right-hand side of the diary page.
The ’Ano-Planing’, another innovative Quo Vadis invention, corresponds to the year displayed on two pages, with the months in columns.

At what time of year can I obtain my new diary ?

Back to School products (diaries and stationery) are available in stores from May-June.
Calendar Year products are available in stores from September-October.
Year-Round products (notebooks from the Post Scriptum range:  Habana, Memoriae, etc.) are available in stores throughout the year.


Quo Vadis products use

Use & maintenance conditions

In order to protect the writing paper qualities, do not expose the diary or organiser to humid conditions.
For all types of cover, avoid shocks and contact with objects which could damage your diary.
Do not expose your diary or organiser to any heat source (eg. back shelf of a car).
Do not use solvent-based cleaning products to clean the cover of the diary or organiser.
Please press both ends when opening rings of the organiser. Do not pull on the rings.
A diary or organiser is not to be used to carry documents. Excessive loading of paper in the diary could deform the shape of the diary or completely destroy it.

How can I let you know what I think of your products ?

You can contact us by email: specifying the reference or name of the product in question.


Consumer garantee

Each diary and organiser is guaranteed against manufacturing flaws or Quo Vadis sub-standard quality criterion. In the case of a significant flaw, the product will be exchanged or replaced free of charge, upon request to the Consumer Department, subject to our Use and Maintenance Conditions having been respected.

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