Our environmental charter

As a responsible business, Quo Vadis is committed, through its Environmental Charter, to:

limiting the impact of its products on the environment;

keeping consumers informed about:

  • its Certifications,
  • its Actions and
  • its Results.


This powerful environmental commitment began with an excellence approach in 2004, when ISO 9001 (version 2000) was awarded.

Company strategy is therefore resolutely positioned within a sustainable development context, aiming to render its economic, social and environmental objectives consistent.

Over the years, Quo Vadis has enriched its environmental certification processes, in support of its commitment.

The Environmental Charter is the end result of this process, although we will continue to enrich our approach by undertaking new actions in favour of the environment.

The Quo Vadis Environmental Charter demonstrates the company’s determination to make a commitment to the environment and to provide its consumers with communication about the actions set up that is completely transparent. This Charter marks an additional stage in the company’s sustainable development objectives, and constitutes a foundation for taking it further still.

Quo Vadis is committed to working alongside you so that its environmental actions continue into the future, and so that its future innovations allow us to bequeath a better environment to our children.


Download the Quo Vadis Environmental Charter