Actions and results

Our actions on the products: Quo Vadis takes environmental protection into account in the design of its diaries.

Choice of low-chlorine papers

  • All non-recycled papers used by Quo Vadis are manufactured in line with Elementary Chlorine Free brightening techniques.
  • Recycled paper used by Quo Vadis takes this one step further.  It undergoes a Totally Chlorine Free brightening process; hydrogen peroxide is used instead).


Use of recycled paper

Equology by Quo Vadis® diaries are printed on 100% recycled and recyclable paper. It is certified in line with the requirements of the German Blue Angel ecolabel, which guarantees that the paper is free of optical brightening agents and contains 100% recycled fibres.


Integration of vegetable-based inks

The vegetable-based inks are prioritized in the choice of inks. Indeed, these allow solvent emission into the atmosphere to be limited.

They represent about 40% of supplies; the other inks used cannot be vegetable-based due to technical constraints on our printing machines.

The inks used are free of heavy metals (such as lead or chrome), because these are harmful to human health.


Ecological covers

Quo Vadis has set up areas for improvement in the environmental performance of the covers of its diaries:

In 2008, Quo Vadis launched a range of ecological diaries:  Equology by Quo Vadis.  These diaries are the product of an eco-design process led by the company, and represent the Quo Vadis environmental commitment.

  • The paper is 100% recycled and Blue Angel certified,
  • The cover is biodegradable  (more than 90%  of the cover will decompose in 155 days, in compliance with the NF EN 13432 standard)
  • The inks used are 100% vegetable-based
  • These diaries thus contain more than 80% of recycled materials.

The Oslo range of diaries is made of 100% recycled polypropylene, which allows us to reduce energy consumption whilst also helping recover waste.

One of the bestselling materials has been modified to include 30% recycled materials (in 99.9% of its formats). These more ecological covers will be brought to market in 2011.


A diary refills offer

Refills are available for the main diary ranges offered by Quo Vadis, so that our customers have the option of reusing the cover from one year to the next.


European REACH regulations

Our suppliers are subject to the Reach regulations in terms of recording, evaluation and restrictions on chemical substances.

This set of regulations obliges companies to evaluate and manage the risks created by these chemical products, and to provide adequate information about these matters to their users.

Quo Vadis has set up strict monitoring in order to ensure that our suppliers do indeed fulfil their obligations and inform us about the composition of their materials.


An innovative eco-design process

Eco-design is a process aimed at reducing the environmental impact of each stage in the life of a product, from manufacture to destruction.

Quo Vadis wanted to conduct an eco-design study of the Equology range, with the assistance of an external consultancy, so as to compare its environmental performance.

On the basis of this diagnosis, Quo Vadis took action at both design and manufacturing levels to offer its consumers its first range of eco-designed diaries.

During new product development, a study is systematically carried out, in order to reduce the product’s environmental impact.