Invention of the Agenda Planing® Diary


In 1952, a French doctor, F.G. Beltrami, invented the “one week on two pages” planner format. Up until that time, appointment books were simply “day per page” diaries . Dr. Beltrami, feeling cramped and unable to plan ahead his week, month or year, took a sheet of paper and created his own personal management system. He made his first diary by stamping a grid on the white pages of a notebook. This modern diary is a combination of a calendar and a journal.


Creation of Editions Quo Vadis

Dr. Beltrami called his unique planning grid an “Agenda Planning®”, which become an effective, tactile tool designed to plan and manage your time with confidence. Friends and family were so enthusiastic about his creation, Dr. Beltrami decided to switch careers and form his own company to manufacture his creation. In 1954, Editions Quo Vadis was formed in Marseille, France.


Creation of the President diary

Creation of the President diary 21×27 cm


Creation of the Business diary


Creation of the Business diary (10×15 cm)


Prize of Honor

Along with the DS by Citroën and the IBM  typewriter, the Quo Vadis diary was selected to receive a Prize of Honour as one of the greatest products of the 20th century in the Louvre Museum.


International development

Quo Vadis diaries are produced in English, German, Italian and Spanish and sold throughout the world.



Quo Vadis joins the Exacompta-Clairefontaine group


First stationery and leather products for Back to School

Launch of the first stationery and leather products for Back to School  ((notebooks, pencil case, binder…)


Certification ISO 9001

Quo Vadis becomes the first French diary manufacturer to obtain the ISO 9001 version 2000 certification on quality managment.


Imprim’Vert Brand

Quo Vadis obtains the Imprim’Vert brand confirming the company’s commitment to limit its environmental impact.


The environment in the center of Quo Vadis’ strategy

SO 14001 certification awarded assuring adherence to environmental regulations, together with policies of consistent improvement and pollution prevention.
PEFC- PEFC certification for the traceability of the paper chain. This assures that the forest from which the wood was taken obtained a sustainable management certification.
Thus, Quo Vadis becomes the first diary manufacturer certified both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
2nd place at the Graphic Industries Sustainable Development Trophy. In order to give this trophy, an independent jury takes into account the company’s actions in the 3 following areas: social, environment and economy.


Quo Vadis in images